Monday, November 10, 2008

Sonic-are you out there?

Unlike most people, i really enjoy commercials. I think they are hilarious. Especially the comcast cable ones, the lady who does the rollover minutes, verizon and of course, the slowsky's. I never FF the tivo when i see these commercials. I also don't FF when i see the Sonic commericals either. Up until recently they really gave me a good laugh. But now i just get angry when i see them. Why you ask? why? well- WHERE IS SONIC??? where??? There are absolutely NONE in this area. Why tease all of us with a neverending sweet tooth? I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about this commerical. Sonic-for the love of God...if you're us one of your sweet shops from heaven...COME ON!!!!!!

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Tink08 said...

so i use to wonder the same thing about Sonic! I finally complained to Young after seeing a commercial because it looks so delicious but it's NOWHERE near ME. he explained that they are advertising the franchise so someone will say "oh, that looks great, let's open one". well that was an unhappy day for me. Since i have lived here i have seen Dunkin Donut commercials. I always wondered where it was near me. I knew there wan't one in my town, but i thought" it must be some where close, since the commercial is always on" turns out, they are advertising the stupid pounds of coffee that they sell at the local grocery store. SO FRUSTRATING and upsetting. will someone please open dunkin near me? don't we deserve another coffee shop OTHER than starbucks???