Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog this...

If you're wondering who i am you're not alone. I often wonder who i am. Its really simple though. I am no one. No one at all. A mere blip on the screen of life. As i sit here and write this i am plagued with tons of questions. Who will read this? what the hell am i even doing? Oh boy, the grammatical errors are sure to bring criticism. But what do i care, i am nobody. I needed to find a place to go. I feel like i have so many things to say, stories to share, people to talk about, experiences...I just dont feel like telling them to anyone specific. In fact, if nobody reads this i am completely OK with that. I just want my thoughts out there with everyone elses. I want to talk about nothing and everything and well whatever the hell else there is to talk about. This is just an introduction into my world. my life. The life of absolutely no one.

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